Think Sustainable and Help the Environment

Sustainability will always be a major factor in the fashion industry. Sustaining items doesn’t just mean to reuse a dress or recreate it into a skirt, sustainability means to save and help humans, nature and the environment, making sure that we continue to have the resources and materials which currently still support us, but sooner or later will come to an end . Would you call it being selfish or just being lazy?

“You have to question design integrity when it moves so fast that the clothing becomes throwaway.” – Suzanne Lee

Recently many companies have been putting forward campaigns and projects to do with sustainability. Last year H&M came forward with a campaign in which the stated they were going to release a collection in April 2014 which will all be made by recycled materials, “organic cotton” and “recycled fibres” to main sustainability. They have collaborated with fashion consultants “Elizabeth von Guttmann and Alexia Niedzielski of Ever Manifesto” creating a collection called “Conscious and Conscious Exclusive”, Amber Valletta will also take part in the campaign by becoming the face of H&M’s new sustainable line by replacing Vanessa Paradis, the American model herself is a “veteran of sustainable” herself and has also worked together with designer Yoox Oxygen in his new eco-friendly collection call “Master and Muse”.


The famous Denim brand Lee has also contributed towards sustainability by conducting a project in which old and non-wearable jeans are recycled into new items in the E-Create range section in Lee. The E-Create range tries to use as much lesser water and organic cotton whilst creating this line. In this project customers who would hand in any old jeans would be given a little “curio” in return which was also recycled. These were provided by a “non-profit organization” “A Hundred Hands” which help the under privileged and the environment by recycled craft.

“With such initiatives, Lee hopes to introduce eco-friendly alternatives in every facet of our lives, including fashion. Recycle your old denim today to give someone a warm house.”


Sometimes I feel that companies are using eco-friendly campaigns are hiding behind the word “Eco-friendly” in order to gain publicity and attract more customers for their status. If customers do want to take part in these campaigns how can customers are given guarantee that what they are contributing towards is an honest and sincere cause.

Designer brands and companies should try other ways in helping the environment, by using the same schemes no one will consider recycling in a strong manor. Vegan designer Joshua Katcher created a collection using organic. He created a collection of menswear hats and suits. His line Brave Gentlemen will be launched in next month’s Fashion Week. What really surprised me were the materials which he created himself keeping in mind “sustainable” and “vegan. The designer created something he called “the future suede” created by organic bamboo which he used for his suits and a recycled resource created by recycling cotton and recycled poly blend which he calls the “future wool”.


“I am not a classic “eco warrior” and should confess that I’m even a little tired of words such as “eco,” “green” and “ethical.” It’s more that I dream of a world where everything is ecological, green and ethical so that actually we don’t have to define them anymore.” – Livia Firth


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